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Andy Haste, Owner

Andy Haste is the president and owner of Home Care & Repair, the visionary behind the handyman service division and manager of operations. Andy’s 20+ years in the home services industry started when he was a young man, working for his father’s residential construction business. Early on, he learned by listening and taking the time to understand Lafayette homeowners’ needs and expectations. Andy eventually took his working knowledge of building materials, building codes, blue print reading and estimating, and turned it into a thriving design-build remodeling business in 2008.

Since then, Riverside Construction has expertly provided design and construction services to homeowners in Tippecanoe County—well-managed projects that finish on time and on budget. As a testament to the company’s success, Andy has received the coveted Guildmaster Award 9 years in a row, and continues to earn a reputation for being the area’s top choice in home remodeling. 

Andy’s Idea Gives Birth to Home Care & Repair 

Andy’s expertise and ability to listen resulted in the launching Home Care & Repair in 2021, a new division of Riverside Construction. This new Residential Handyman Services division answers a homeowners’ need for all things home-related—repair, maintenance and home improvement projects. HCR offers exceptional communication, affordable pricing, and reliable, quality workmanship—built from the ground up.

Andy Haste

Brian Wiegers, General Manager

Brian came from a rich background of service-industry management & development.  He joined Andy to help create the framework for Home Care & Repair as well as develop the business as a stand-alone entity, but under the umbrella of the already proven Riverside Construction business model.  Brian implemented a professional and efficient process using industry leading software.  Customers can get an estimate and the work completed by quality estimators & craftsmen, all within a defined schedule and budget.

Brian’s prior work in service-focused businesses helped him create the foundation for a great customer experience with Home Care & Repair.  His commitment is to provide an exceptional interaction for the client from the initial phone call to the completed project.

Andy Haste

Our Technicians and Fine Craftsmen

Through Home Care & Repair, you will never be assigned a technician or craftsman who is not qualified to perform the work that you hire us to complete. All staff are thoroughly trained to deliver premium quality service —a higher standard set by Home Care & Repair’s parent company, Riverside Construction. Rest assured; you can also feel safe having any one of our crew in your home. 

Our employees will:

  • Always arrive in logo’d apparel and/or a marked work vehicle
  • Take great care to protect your entire home, not just the area of focus
  • Be on time or notify you of changes to the schedule
  • Tidy-up every day AND clean-up after completing a project, including removal of all jobsite materials before leaving your home
  • Be mindful of your privacy and personal space
  • Effectively communicate in open transparency, especially should a problem arise. We will never change a scope of work without your written approval.
  • Never smoke on your property

On top of that, if a repair or remodel will be dusty and messy, we apply LEAD-safe containment techniques to mitigate any potential issues and keep you safe. Proven work practices for containment include isolating work areas with temporary barriers, limiting worker movement through the project area, and using dust scrubbers to filter the air to keep any job site dust down to a minimum. In addition, when working with others in close proximity masks and various protective equipment are worn by workers for increased safety. 

We make sure your floors are protected and cover any furniture in the area. Our technicians and craftsmen also wear branded work shirts so you can identify who you are letting into your home.

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Home Care & Repair is a residential services company that answers a homeowner’s need for all things home-related — repair, maintenance and home improvement projects. We offer exceptional communication, affordable pricing, and reliable, quality workmanship—built from the ground up.


Home Care & Repair is a new handyman division of Riverside Construction, a reputable, award-winning design-build remodeling company in Greater Lafayette that was established in 2008. Our ability to carefully guide homeowners through a proven four-step remodeling process has rewarded us with a rapidly growing business. To meet growing demand, we expanded our professional services to include a handyman division in 2021 – focused on delivering the same level of quality service.

Although, there are no licensing requirements for handymen or general contractors in Indiana, Home Care & Repair is a fully incorporated business and is bonded and fully insured with general liability and workers compensation coverages.

Home Care & Repair is the only professional services company in Greater Lafayette / Tippecanoe County providing handyman services that is owned and operated by Riverside Construction, Greater Lafayette’s first choice in a reputable design-build remodeling contractor. Because we’re not a “one-man operation” we’re not the cheapest. But Home Care & Repair provides true value—detailed estimates, fair pricing, efficient scheduling, professional craftsmen, honest communication, and we clean up after every job.


Home Care & Repair provides all general handyman services including, by not limited to, construction repairs and home improvement needs, flooring, carpentry, minor electrical and plumbing, as well as interior and exterior painting services. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us!

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