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We are thrilled that Riverside has launched this division so we know that we have someone reliable to call for smaller projects. In addition to trusting them with the knowledge to complete the work, they were adaptable to our complicated work schedules and thoughtfully accommodating to our dog who does not do well with strangers in the house. We will definitely call them regularly for our repair and improvement needs.

— Susan C.

Our experience with you has been truly excellent…thank you all for that. What I appreciate most about Dakota is his attitude and his work ethic. He was friendly, focused and very open. It was very good to work with him. It is brilliant that you all developed this business; it is badly needed in this area and I will definitely call you all when we need things done around the house.

— S. Welch

Our neighbor hired you to repair their deck and the guy working there seems to be a good worker – I’ve been watching him through the day and he’s really getting after it!  Just wanted to commend you on Home Care & Repair – love it!

— Tim S.

Home Care & Repair did a great job for me! Their handyman called to ask if he could arrive about 20 minutes early, he introduced himself and asked if the van was parked in an OK spot in the driveway. He got to work and even though it took him longer than expected, he let me know why and gave a fair price. It wasn’t a very messy job, but he still took a few minutes to clean up. I have a couple more projects to complete around the house and will certainly call them back. Happy to know they are around town now.

— Jen W.